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Cromwell Medical Staffing are passionate about the quality of our staff and the high level of customer service we provide to our clients and workers alike. We listen to our clients' needs and make sure we are recruiting the right nurses for them.

We cover a wide range of nursing services across the UK and are proud to work with NHS Trusts; County Councils; Private Hospitals and Clinics; Her Majesty’s Prison Service (HMPS); MOD; Army Services; Nursing Homes; Residential Homes; Mental Health Facilities and Learning Disability Organisations.

Cromwell Medical Staffing’s philosophy is based upon providing excellent customer service through building strong relationships and understanding our clients/staff member’s needs. This is reflected in our rigorous recruitment processes and how we work in partnership with all our customers.


“We had a couple of areas in the Trust with a high number of vacancies. We were requesting a large number of additional shifts via our manage bank service; they were only being picked up ad hoc and had a high number of short notice cancellations from a number of agencies.

The teams were struggling with the inconsistency of agency nurses. At this point we were approached by Cromwell, an agency we already worked well with. They shared their idea of allocating flexible workers for a set period of time at a flat escalated rate.

We discussed this option within our divisional leadership team and decided to trial three workers in our admissions unit. We set up an introductory date and allocated each worker a supernumerary shift. We ensured they were invited to any team meetings, debriefs and social events.

We have had a number of workers allocated to both areas that have become part of the ward teams. They have provided consistency, continuity and a level of assurance we wouldn’t have from ad hoc workers booking into the shifts. The project has proved a huge success.”

– Claire D., Senior Matron, Nursing Workforce Coordinator

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