Travel nursing is a growing profession in the UK. The demand for travel nurses in the UK is fuelled by the national major nurse shortage and the temporary requirement of nurses such as during high patient-load in winter.

Travel nursing is more than just nursing. It is a unique combination of nursing and travelling as it involves both the demanding duties of nurses and the adventures of a traveller.

Travel nurses travel from one location to another to complete temporary nursing assignments. Each travel nursing assignment brings with it a new place and colleagues. To work in the UK as a travel nurse, registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is required. A travel nurse finds work by signing a contract with a travel nursing agency.

Travel nursing offers numerous benefits to nurses. Travel nursing offers a lot of freedom and flexibility. As a travel nurse, you are free to choose which travel nursing assignment you want to take and at which place. You can choose whether to do a long-term or short-term assignment. If you want to have a gap between the assignments, you are free to take it. You can visit your home between the assignments or your family may move along with you to your work location.

If you are an adventurous nurse that likes to travel and discover new places, travel nursing is the most suitable profession for you. Very few jobs give an opportunity to visit so many new places as one can visit as a travel nurse. If you want to visit a specific place, you can take a travel nursing assignment at that place. So, it may be said that travel nursing is a unique profession that allows you to work and have a vacation simultaneously at the destination of your choice. Which other profession offers such an opportunity?

Travel nursing allows you to explore new places in all aspects – geographically, culturally, socially and politically. It allows you to interact with new people and make new friends. If you really like a place, you may even decide to settle there permanently.

Travel nursing helps in raising your financial status as you enjoy high pay rate along with many other benefits. Besides drawing a generous salary, a travel nurse gets other benefits such as performance bonus, referral bonus, travel reimbursements, free housing or housing stipend, etc. Your travel nursing agency can help you in saving tax so that you can take home the maximum.

Travel nursing involves working in a variety of workplaces, which include different hospitals and facilities. Each new workplace you work at, allows you to learn new skills and techniques. Thus, travel nursing assignments enrich your professional resume so that it stands out from the non-travel nurses.

Permanent nurses often complain of burnout. Travel nursing allows you to choose both the type of nursing assignment and the location. If you don’t want to work continuously, you can have a gap between the assignments. It also gives you the opportunity to explore your work destination, interact with new people and make friends. All these things keep your stress level under control and prevent burnout.

Due to major nurse shortage prevailing in the UK, a travel nurse does not have to worry about job security. A travel nursing agency may find the next assignment for you even before you have finished the current one.
When you are a permanent staff nurse, workplace politics affects you in one way or another. A travel nurse, being on a temporary assignment, escapes from getting involved in the management issues affecting the permanent nurses. A travel nurse starts an assignment, completes it and moves on to the next one. If in case, you may get affected by workplace politics, your travel nursing agency can help you.

Working at a variety of locations as a travel nurse, gives you an opportunity to connect with multiple healthcare professionals. Thus, you enjoy a very broad professional network. This wide network not only helps you to learn new skills, but also helps you in learning about new job opportunities.
Travel nursing is not a piece of cake for every nurse. It is well-suited to those nurses who are not afraid of change and are always ready for the next assignment at a new location. Travel nursing offers a career that is both rewarding and adventurous. Nurse shortage in the UK has made it a suitable place for travel nursing. The future of travel nurses in the UK is bright.

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